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Valparaíso & O'Higgins, Chile, SOUTH AMERICA

Pichilemu is probably the most famous surf town in Chile, situated in the south of this zone, which combines Region V and VI in the numerical naming system of Chile. Because both Valparaiso & O’Higgins encircle the Región Metropolitana de Santiago, it is also the most populated, with plenty of weekend warriors making the 120km trip to the beaches from the capital. Long lefthand points begin to appear in the southern corners of the bays along with some strong beachbreaks along the Vina del Mar stretch up to Ritoque, where surfing started back in the early ‘70s. This area is where most city folk will get their first taste of surfing, before heading south to the more challenging setups of Pichilemu, where the awesomely long and handsome lefts of Puertecillo, La Puntilla and Punta de Lobos await in a coldwater goofy-footers paradise. This is the most flexible and accessible zone in all of Chile with something for everyone and is the heart of the growing Chilean surf scene.