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Yemen, Yemen, INDIAN OCEAN

Yemen has an ill-founded reputation for feisty tribes, intent on war, kidnapping and bolstering the huge Al-Qaeda fan club in this fundamental Islamic nation. But, for those in the know, Yemen conjures up images of thunderous mountains, rolling desert dunes, ancient caravan cities and, most importantly of all, a warm-hearted and friendly people for whom pride, hospitality and honour are the pillars of life. So far only a handful of people have ridden the waves breaking along Yemen's long south-facing Indian Ocean coastline. A mid-summer 2003 trip by US expats Jay Quinn, Charlie Smith and Cole Estrada, found surf before British bodyboarder Stuart Butler unveiled 6-8ft beefy wedging lefts. A recent (2006) Surfing US team shot some A-grade barrels on the remote island of Socotra, which holds a number of blown-out left pointbreaks and occasional beachbreak.

Surf Spots

Wadi - Yemenrock ledge & sandS - W
MukallasandNE - SW
Jetties - YemensandNE - SW
No Namerock ledge & sandNE - SW
HaswaynsandNE - SW
Al GaydahsandNE - SW