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West Java, Indonesia, EAST ASIA

Close to the sprawling cities of Jakarta and Bandung, West Java is the most densely populated region in Indonesia with around 60m inhabitants. Once part of the old Sunda Kingdom, it is now split into Banteng and West Java provinces. Despite the huge population, this SW tip of Java is a wild, unspoilt land in places, with large National Parks and World Heritage sites preserving the largest area of lowland rainforest in Java. When Krakatoa exploded in 1883 and covered the region in a thick layer of volcanic ash, humans left the land to indigenous species like the incredibly rare Javan rhinoceros, leopard and many types of primate. West Java is no different from many other Indonesian surf regions, being blessed with a handful of world-class breaks, plus plenty of other lesser waves you would love to have in your town. One of the countries most daunting yet rewarding barrels pinwheels down the coral crusted lava of Panaitan Island, which forms a part of the Ujong Kulon National Park. One Palm Point is legendary for long barrels, with unsubstantiated reports of timing a wave that barrelled for 48secs, albeit without a rider. This island tube-fest is nicely complemented by a mainland left that challenges for Indonesia’s heavyweight, big wave crown. Ombak Tujuh translates as Seven Waves, which may give a hint of board length required to handle this jacking, powerful beast when a big swell hits. In between there are more reefs, beachbreaks and rivermouths with something to suit everyone’s style and ability. Cimaja is the area's gateway with it's own quality righthander in a friendly, well-serviced area only 4-5hrs drive from Jakarta.