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Santa Catarina, Brazil, SOUTH AMERICA

It is the deep south of Brazil that offers the best surf in the country, with bigger swells and more coastal variations than the N. While Parana and Rio Grande do Sul States have good potential, Santa Catarina Island, facing ESE, is definitely the best option. This island destination is commonly referred to as Florianopolis, which is actually the capital city of Santa Catarina State, as well as a port on the west side of Santa Catarina Island. It is a great destination, with a concentration of 20 breaks covering a 225° swell window, plus further south are the quality spots around Guarda, Garopaba and Imbituba.

Surf Spots

Praia da Vilauneven reef & sandE - S
RosasandE - S
FerrugemsandNE - S
Silveiraboulders & sandNE - S
GamboasandNE - S
Guarda do EmbausandNE - S
Praia da PinheirasandNE - SE
NaufragadossandE - S
Lagoinha do LestesandE - S
MatadeirosandE - S
Morro das Pedrasuneven reef & sandE - S
CampechesandE - S
JoaquinasandNE - S
MolesandE - S
GalhetasandE - S
MoçambiquesandE - S
Santinhouneven reef & sandE - S