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Grande Terre, Guadeloupe, Central America and The Caribbean

Together with Barbados, Guadeloupe is one of the east Caribbean’s most consistent surf destinations. As well as regular trade wind swell it also receives N swell produced by cold fronts moving off the US East Coast in winter. Like Barbados the waves are often windy and rarely get bigger than 8ft (2.5m). French-governed Guadeloupe consists of two main islands, Grande Terre and Basse Terre, joined in the middle, which viewed from above, reveals a butterfly shape. Guadeloupe feels very French, although it has its own unique ‘Creole’ style. Locals are generally proud to be both French and Guadeloupian. Grande Terre has the majority of the surf spots while Basse Terre only gets surf from S and W hurricane swells. There are also the exposed islands of Marie Galante and La Désirade offshore, which have good potential for explorers.

Surf Spots

Le Mouleuneven reef & sandN - SE
La Stationuneven reefN - E
Caille Dehorsuneven reefN - E
Alizeuneven reef & sandN - SE
Anse Salabouelleuneven reefN - SE
Anse à La Gourdedead coralN - E
Point des Chateauxuneven reefN - E
La Chaiseuneven reefE - S
Port St-Francoisuneven reef & sandE - S
La Caravelledead coralE - S
Petit Havreuneven reefE - S
Hotel Novoteluneven reef & sandSE - S
Port-Louis (Grande Terre)uneven reef & sandN - NE
Anse Bertranduneven reef & sandN - NE