Stormrider Surf Playing Cards

The World - Pack One Stormrider Surf Playing Cards

The first pack of Stormrider Playing Cards features 54 of the world's best waves organised into suits according to the nine geographical chapters of the World Stormrider Guide- Volume One.

Whether it's Poker, Pig or Patience, Stormrider Surf Playing Cards will ramp up the fun, with dozens of other card games just waiting to be invented. How about making Hawaii trumps, waves over 20ft penalty cards or all rivermouths wildcards? The choices are endless, making these cards ideal flat day entertainment on your next surfari or the perfect mini gift this Christmas.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by daniel from zurich

Why are there more rights than lefts ? Doesn't the world already have enough of those ??

March 2012
Reviewed by Jeff from Wales

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! Awesome little cards! A must buy for a surfer or if your just curious! If your puzzled for a game apart from just normal card games, use them as if they were top trumps (i.e player 1's water temp VS player 2's water temp). Just wondering when there will be a 'Volume Two' pack.

January 2012
Reviewed by Anonymous

i love those cards hope they make more of them there must be more worldclass breaks.

July 2010
Need more!
Reviewed by Flomann from Germany

Great! I Like them! VOL II and III I am waiting for! Flo

May 2009
Surf Cards are cool!
Reviewed by Geoff Wilkins from UK

The cards are great...i love em!
I can't believe theres so much info in a pack of cards - It's like a mini guide to the worlds best waves
I havent come up with a game (i am trying) but just so you know there are 23 rights, 17 lefts, 9 peaks, 4 beach breaks, 1 jetty break.
whens world pack two coming out?
Geoff Wilkins

October 2008

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